from one white girl to another…

OK, so I was on a friend’s profile, and from there went to the profile of a friend of hers.  Friend surfing, is that what it’s called?  Anyway, on the chick’s profile was this little tag…

And what really set me off, aside from the obvious, is that this girl’s profile indicates she is from…


And I don’t know this girl… she’s probably a very nice girl.  But my GAWD, people.  If your teenage daughter is this clueless, do as my friend Angela suggests in her blog An Open Letter to the Obsessively Color Minded… “get out of your little bubble and expose them to more than your carbon copy friends and family.”

I would LOVE, and I mean, just LOVE, to invite some of these little white girls into my neighborhood and take them cruising around for a weekend.

Burning body discovered in south Phoenix

2 dead, 5 wounded in gang-related shooting

Boy hit, killed by equipment at south Phoenix YMCA

All three of these stories cover events that happened within five miles or so from my house IN THE LAST SEVEN DAYS.  The gang shoot-out occured two blocks from our first house.  TWO BLOCKS.  Halle is one of a tight-knit foursome… one lives two blocks north, another lives one mile north, and her closest friend lives two miles east. All three are living in nice houses built within the last five years, and have families that are loving and hard-working and care about this community… two from families that have lived in South Phoenix for generations.

I think the whole world’s addicted to the drama
only attracted to things that’ll bring the trauma
overseas yeah we’re tryina stop terrorism
but we still got terrorist here livin
In the U.S.A the big C.I.A
The blood and the crips and the kkk

I wonder if anyone would think it was cute if I made myself a little tag that read,

Keepin’ It Al Qaeda
White Girl Style

Gangs are not funny.  They’re not a joke.  They are terrorist organizations.

There was a major crackdown on the gangs in this neighborhood a little over ten years ago.  Kudos to Phoenix finest for the cleanup they did back then… but it’s been ten years.  These guys are getting out of jail and there has been a surge of gang violence that has been gradually building for a little while but really seems to have exploded in the last nine months.  Then thanks to Bush a lot of our law enforcement resources have been diverted to “National Security” and we don’t have enough of a gang task force to curb this wave.  Add to that the crappy schools and the poverty and the parks and recreation facilities that are falling apart, and you have a community that is struggling to survive as we watch five hundred thousand dollar cookie cutter homes being slapped together in tidy gated communities.

So consider this an open invitation for any dumbass little white girl who wants to glorify the gang lifestyle to get herself a ghetto card to flash amongst her friends that would just get her ass kicked sideways if she ever tried to play it in a real hood. Let me show you the light, sweetheart. 

Don’t forget your sunscreen.


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