the party never stops

so my house was broken into Monday morning. And no, I did not leave a window open, nor did I leave a door unlocked.  As I have said to the SSRB on many occasions… if they want in, they’re gonna get in one way or another.

And they definitely wanted in… so when they didn’t find any windows or doors unlocked, they kicked in the back door.

That’s right.  They kicked in the back door. Now, my neighbor across the street spotted them in the front yard and called 911 when they went around to the back. So I was very lucky… they had managed to get into the house and take one TV into the back yard.  Two of the three were arrested, and by the time I got there, one of the boys in custody had already given up the name and address of the third. And when I say boys, I mean boys.  I have the names and birthdates of both taken into custody… one was 18, the other only 15. Not sure about 3 but he’s probably in high school too.

So, after my $1046 in car repairs last month that I haven’t even made the first payment on, I surely didn’t have money to spend on a new back door, but I’m looking on the bright side.

I didn’t love that door anyway. It was so far down on my wish list of things to replace I would probably be collecting social security before I replaced it. And Lowe’s had pretty much what I had in mind for $229 (well, $280 once you add in new locks, shims, and  tax… err… $340 once you add the charge from the man of my dreams, a handyman named AJ whose name I got from my church who dropped the job he was working on to come hang my new door)… which is less than the deductible on my homeowner’s insurance.

And once the SSRB hooked his TV back up (which (OOPS) had been dropped over the side of  a six foot block wall when the cops showed up), it worked just fine.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be in the kitchen. Right next to the rum…


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