DPS busts drop house in SW Phoenix

The SAME house?  Seriously?

(AP) – 2 hours ago

PHOENIX — State police say they’ve rescued 19 Mexican men being held for ransom in a drop house in southwest Phoenix.

Authorities say it’s the same house raided last year in a similar case.

Department of Public Safety Officer Robert Bailey says a caller complained to police on Monday about ransom demands, prompting federal immigration agents and officers from DPS and police to investigate.

The home was located Tuesday and officers watched as a man drove away in a van. As they began following him, he got in a minor accident and tried to run but was captured.

A SWAT team converged on the home, whose occupants began running away.

Police rescued the hostages and arrested 11 Mexican men suspected of holding them for $2,700 in ransom each.

A 2008 raid on the same house yielded 53 arrests.

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via The Associated Press: DPS busts drop house in SW Phoenix.


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