Joe Arpaio Receives “2009 Bull Connor Award”

Outside the Marriott where it all went down, about 100 protesters gathered with signs, according to Lopez. But inside is where the real action took place, with an activist by the name of Liliana Castrillón giving Joe an award on the sly, which she dubbed, “The 2009 Bull Connor Award for his `promotion of racial discrimination, disregard of human rights, abuse of power and general hatred of the `other.”

Wish I couldve been there to see the sneer on Arpaios wrinkled mug. Of course, knowing Arpaio, he may have taken it as a compliment.

via Joe Arpaio Hosted in Houston by Two Nativist Extremist Groups, Receives “2009 Bull Connor Award” from Activist – Phoenix News – Feathered Bastard.


One response to “Joe Arpaio Receives “2009 Bull Connor Award”

  1. Oh girl, I have NO doubt that he relishes his role. He makes me physically sick.

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