Police and gangs anger south Phoenix residents

Clarence Harrington III and Anthony Harrington, 53-year-old brothers who are renovating a south Phoenix house, are split.

“We all want a place where we can feel at home,” said Clarence, who wants more uniformed officers on the street to deal with open drug sales and other problems. He added, “As a community, we need to address and deal with problems that perpetuate the problem, like substance abuse . . . and job training.”

But ongoing police crackdowns, Anthony said, mean that regular people are constantly pulled over or questioned by police when they aren’t doing anything wrong.

“The police know all the drug dealers, they know all of the hot spots,” said Anthony, during a break from yard work. “But instead, they make it hard on everyone. They could do it in a different way.”

For Jackson, the mistrust now means she’d rather avoid police altogether.

“Let me die,” Jackson said. “Don’t come to my house. That’s how bad it is. I don’t trust them at all.”

via Police and gangs anger south Phoenix residents.


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