Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport food deal delayed

by Emily Gersema – Oct. 10, 2010 10:00 PM

The Arizona Republic

Phoenix City Council members are questioning how the Aviation Department is handling its contract for food and beverages in Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport’s Terminal 4 after department officials failed to sign a council-approved agreement with the concessionaire.

Five months ago, the City Council approved a two-year agreement with HMS Host that included a $4 million increase in rental revenues. Aviation Department officials said they didn’t tell the City Council about their failure to sign the $30 million deal because of an oversight.

The contract could not take effect without the aviation director’s signature, triggering a default, month-to-month agreement.

Councilman Michael Johnson, who represents downtown, including the airport, and south Phoenix, is irritated with the Aviation Department.

“The only thing holding up the agreement is the aviation director has not signed the agreement,” said Johnson, adding that the council should support the original contract. “We are five months into that contract from when the council originally approved it. This is a serious problem, not so much with (HMS) Host as with the city staff.”

via Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport food deal delayed.


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