Alley garbage collection to move curbside

Council members are considering changing garbage collection services for thousands of Phoenix residents.

Following a presentation by Solid Waste department’s John Trujillo, members of the Housing and Neighborhoods Subcommittee asked why the department didn’t relocate all alley collection to curbside.

Of the city’s 400,000 solid waste customers, approximately 32,000 residences, primarily in older neighborhoods, would be impacted.

Councilman Bill Gates, who represents north and northeast Phoenix, said some residents complained that they felt targeted after their trash collection was relocated to the curb.

“A message needs to be sent that this is where we’re going as a city,” Gates said.

Aidee Valenzuela, of south Phoenix, said she wants curbside collection.

“We have alley service and we hate it,” said Valenzuela. “When people have big items they dump it in the alley and not the bin. It’s hard to keep clean.”

via Alley garbage collection to move curbside.


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