keepin’ it gangsta, white girl style…

So, if you’re wondering… no, I am not one of those silly little teenage girls trying to flash a ghetto pass so I can look cool to my friends. I’m actually a middle aged mother of three, and the first time I saw what is now the title of this blog as a graphic on a myspace page belonging to a silly little white girl who happens to live in Phoenix, my head almost exploded… living where I do, any glorification of gang violence hits real close to home.


I’m not “gangsta” and there’s no doubt in my mind that it would be anything less than ludicrous if I tried to be… something that a lot of wannabe white girls don’t seem to get. Which begs the question… why I have a blog with a title that claims I am keeping it gangsta. 

In May 2008 after I saw the myspace graphic that made me go “crazy white girl” and I posted a myspace blog that I titled from one white girl to another… In the coming weeks, I took to posting headlines about South Phoenix in blogs titled “Keeping it Gangsta, White Girl Style for the week of…”

It didn’t take long for people to wonder why the hell I wasn’t packing to move, or for me to be frustrated as hell by the headlines themselves… especially not after I finally saw two postitive articles about my community, which for some reason didn’t contain the key words South Phoenix. So I wrote Keepin’ it Gangsta, but not… or, what’s in a name, really? (Aug 08 Crime Maps added)

So really, I’m not trying to keep it gangsta… at best, I’m just making an attempt to “keep it real” about the good, the bad, and the ugly about a variety of topics… South Phoenix, white priviledge, and the lack of any real dialogue between white people and, well, everybody else about race relations and why white people still aren’t asking ourselves, to paraphrase a quote from Dr. Robert Jensen, PhD,

“How does it feel to be the problem?”


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