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Gabrielle Giffords shooting: Friends, strangers express grief

In Phoenix, about 250 people stood mostly in silence, holding candles at the state Capitol. Standing in front of the main building, leaders of local religious groups said prayers into a microphone. The somber-looking crowd scarcely uttered a word. Mothers held their children close, while some people embraced in long, tearful hugs.

“Exercising leadership – that’s exactly what Gabby was doing today,” former U.S. Rep. Harry Mitchell told the crowd. “Despite multiple threats to her, her staff, she displayed genuine courage and never sought refuge, and she did exactly what she said she’d always do.”

Henry Wade, 56, said he had plans to spend quality time with his son before he saw him off to college the next day. When he found out about the vigil, he decided to go and take his son along.

“I’m glad that we were able to come and represent our feelings toward Congresswoman Giffords,” said Wade, who lives in Maricopa. “It’s just senseless that people can’t sit down and have dialogue with one another if you have a difference of opinion.”

Cyndi Whitmore, 36, of south Phoenix, was tearful, particularly about the death of a 9-year-old girl in the attack.

“I have 8- and 11-year-old daughters,” she said.

“We’re here to stand on the side of love, show our support for the families of the victims of today’s shootings, and show solidarity for non-violent, peaceful discourse.”

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Valley group reaches out to gang members to stop violence



PHOENIX – To some gang members, kids in south Phoenix are potential recruits. But to the people behind Project TRUCE, they are the future, and a catalyst for peace in a neighborhood riddled with gun violence.

“It’s probably one of the things that keeps me up at night, when you see a 4-year-old throw up a gang sign,” said Advisory Board Member Deborah Kidd Chapman, who teaches children from her neighborhood to follow a productive path.

“I learned a lot on those streets, and I learned a lot about what it means to make good choices in your life,” said Chapman. “When I was given a do-over, I said I would try to direct children to make positive choices in their lives.”

Valley group reaches out to gang members to stop violence


Anti-gang rally being organized in south Phoenix

PHOENIX – Some residents of south Phoenix are trying to take back their neighborhood by taking on gangs.

“If you go one block to the east it’s the Latin Kings, if you go west it’s the Crips and the Bloods,” says 16-year-old Antonio, who lives near 27th and Southern avenues.

The problem of gangs in inner cities is nothing new, not even to Phoenix. But people who work with kids say it’s getting worse.

“It’s sad,” says Tyllisa Randolph, who works with kids at a local recreation center.

She explained many young men are intimidated into joining a gang for protection and if they won’t they will have to face the consequences, meaning those same gang members may attack the kids who refuse.

“Why do kids feel like they have to join a gang for security when all they have to do is talk to an adult or find an outreach program,” she says.

Residents in south Phoenix are organizing an anti-gang rally for October 30th at 19th and Southern avenues, hoping to ban together to fight the problem.

Antonio says he’s lucky to have a strong mother that tells him right from wrong.

“I listen to the right people and I know joining a gang will either get you to jail or dead.”

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Man with warrants tries to evade Phoenix officers by hiding in attic


Posted: 08/21/2010
By: Deborah Stocks

PHOENIX – Police took a man into custody after a standoff in a south Phoenix neighborhood Saturday.

Phoenix police say officers responded to a report of stolen auto parts found in the bed of a pickup truck near Central Avenue and Baseline Road and when they arrived realized the man they were looking for had numerous outstanding felony arrest warrants.

Sgt. Lisa Gilligan said when officers attempted to contact the man he tried to escape out a back door but was stopped and barricaded himself inside.

The suspect was eventually found in the attic by a K-9 officer and taken into custody.

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Phoenix residents fret over released prisoners

The 85041 ZIP stretches from 27th Avenue to Central Avenue, and from Broadway Road to South Mountain. Next door, the 85042 ZIP extends from Central to 48th Street, and from Southern Avenue to South Mountain. Police and prosecutors say those areas are Phoenix’s core of criminal activity and are home to its poorest residents.

Nationwide, an average of 50 to 67 percent of former inmates are behind bars again within three years of release, federal statistics show.

The recidivism rate is even higher in the 85041 area, where hundreds of inmates choose to return after release. On average, 81 percent of them return to prison, county reports show. This means more than 800 of the 1,000 prisoners going to south Phoenix are projected to be back in prison by 2013.

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Cop, 2 suspects die during drug raid shootout

 PHOENIX, Ariz. — At least one police officer and two suspects were killed Wednesday when a gunbattle erupted during an undercover drug operation in Phoenix, police said.

The shootout left two other officers wounded and two other suspects hospitalized with non life-threatening injuries, said Sgt. Steve Martos, a Phoenix police spokesman.

Two more suspects were detained and being questioned, Martos said. A seventh was being sought.

All three officers were from the Chandler Police Department. One was pronounced dead at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix, authorities said. One of the wounded officers was in critical condition at the same hospital while the other was in stable condition.

The names of the officers were being withheld until their families were notified, authorities said.

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Operation targeting gangs nets numerous arrests

by Michael Ferraresi – Feb. 6, 2010 12:00 AM

The Arizona Republic Authorities say gang investigators in the past week arrested 23 of 34 people accused of fueling a prominent street gang known as one of the more-violent groups in south Phoenix.

The arrests and indictments were announced Friday.

Police arrested 118 gang associates in addition to those indicted.

The operation targeted gang members and associates involved in drugs, prostitution and violence primarily in the area between 15th and Seventh avenues south of Buckeye Road, according to police.

South Mountain Precinct officers worked with the Arizona Department of Public Safety and other organizations after they noticed a spike in drug-related activity in the area.

“When you get down to the street-level guys like this, these are the ones terrorizing the neighborhoods,” said Phoenix Councilman Michael Johnson, a former police officer.

via Operation targeting gangs nets numerous arrests.