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Cops & Color, Part 2 | Police Ridealong and Preventing Stereotypes

PHOENIX – We spent an evening with two Phoenix Police officers, as they patrolled the streets of south Phoenix.

In south Phoenix, if you are riding a bike you’re a drug dealer. Anywhere else, you’re just riding your bike. Wear a doorag, it’s a fashion statement. In south Phoenix, you’re a gang member.

Through our coverage of Phoenix Police and race issues, we’re trying to come to a better understanding of the stereotypes and tension officers and citizens both encounter.

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Keepin It Gangsta – White Girl Style May 17-June 16

When I drove home from the airport Sunday morning via the route I take between work and home each day, I saw my friends from the Phoenix PD Mobile Command unit parked behind the crime scene tape of the last story.

Considering I live right next to two of the neighborhoods marked in red, I was surprised I didn’t get one of the flyers featured in the “Taking Back the Neighborhood” story.  And in response to a comment about people not wanting to get involved?  When this crap first started, I called.  And called. About the gunfire, about the graffiti.  For two months I called about the graffitti.  Y’all finally made it out to clean up my wall after the first woman was killed in the crossfire of a gang shootout. 

Too little, too late… and half the time I don’t bother to call y’all now.

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