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What’s the Matter With Arizona?

Wow… I’m starting to feel like my state is to the US what the US is to the rest of the world… real unpopular!

One guy is really “burning up the blogs” with some “controversial wishes for the President,” according to MSNBC. Hey, a great excuse to publicize yet more crazy death threats against Barack Obama!

Steve Anderson is a Baptist preacher who prays to Jesus Christ for Barack Obama to “die and go to hell.” That is just one of the many crazy hateful things he says all the time!

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, MSNBC reminds us, warned us about the crazy right-wing extremism on the rise. And as the former governor of Arizona, she should know: this insane Anderson preacher is from Tempe, Arizona!

It was just 18 short years ago that Chuck D and Flavor Flav were on their way to Arizona to set those dumbass white folks straight, but apparently they never made it. Continue reading


“Non Precipitation Advisory”

So I have weatherbug installed on my computer.  When I logged in, I saw I had a couple alerts.  Alert 1 was a non-precipitation advisory.

You’re kidding, right, Weatherbug?  I live in Phoenix.  We’ve been in a drought for like, seven years.  Droughts here can go on for like, thirty years.

Needless to say, I stopped expecting precipitation a long ass time ago.

Hello, Summer.

Urgent – Weather Message National Weather Service Phoenix AZ 148 PM MST Sat May 17 2008

Record Or Near Record Highs Will Occur Monday And Tuesday Across The Deserts Of South-Central Arizona. High Temperatures Will Range From 106 To 109 Degrees… Which May Be Break Current Records By Several Degrees. Some Specific Forecasts For Monday Include 108 At Phoenix Sky Harbor /Record 105/… 106 In Casa Grande /Record 109/… And 108 At Gila Bend /Record 109/.

It Would Be Wise To Complete As Much Outdoor Activity As Possible In The Early Morning When The Sun And Heat Are Less Intense. During Periods Of Excessive Heat… Individuals Can Suffer Heat- Related Illness When The Body Can No Longer Cool Itself.

If You Plan To Be Outside For An Extended Period Of Time In The Afternoon Or Early Evening… Stay In The Shade As Much As Possible And Drink Abundant Amounts Of Water. Wear Light-Colored And Loose-Fitting Clothing. If You Wear A Wide-Brimmed Hat… Your Head And Body Will Be Much Cooler. Stop Outdoor Activities… Drink Lots Of Water Or Other Non-Alcoholic Beverages… And If Possible… Spend More Time In Air-Conditioned Or Well-Ventilated Places.