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Amare the orator

My kids used to go to MLK… wonderful teachers!

His speech focused on reading, writing and math, things that he has been catching up on as well. He is taking an online college world history course this summer.

“I’m reading a lot more now than I did back when I was in school,” Stoudemire said after the event. “Only because there really was nobody to motivate us to read and write and really attack education. That’s why it’s such a passion for me now to let these kids know to get a head start. When they’re my age, they can be smarter than me at this point.”

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Keepin’ it Gangsta, but not… or, what’s in a name, really? (Aug 08 Crime Maps added)

So I’ve been on this intermittent campaign for the last six months or so, I have been documenting news stories about my community culled from keyword (“South Phoenix”) searches of mainstream media. They have almost exclusively portrayed the area I call home in a manner that would have people believe that the violence in my neighborhood could rival that of the most gang infested areas of LA. They’ve had some of my readers wondering why I don’t move.

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Keepin It Gangsta – White Girl Style for the week of May 16

So, the other week when I posted news, I almost didn’t include the story about the burning body found in the dumpster, but it looks like that sitch was a little closer to home than I thought… Since this is an open blog entry I won’t post my cross streets… but those of you who know what they are know that’s awful close.  I’ve been walking Roxie frequently, and am seeing an increase of squad cars parked in my neighborhood, which is one that borders the Vistas (12th St. to 16th St from Southern to Roeser).  Last weekend, I saw a mobile command unit… I asked the office coming out,

Y’all setting up shop?

It was a long night.

You doin’ something about that over there?

He didn’t pretend not to know where or what I meant.  With a slight smile, he responds…

Could be.

Well… I think it’s sweet that they’re making an effort.

Now, I found this cute little tag on a myspace profile.  Perfect illustration of a Roosevelt Elementary/South Mountain High School education.

Vista Bloods is more thAn (not then) a gang it’s aN (not a) army.

In area news a little further from my casa… what I find interesting is that The Raven is within a mile from where this week’s shootings took place.  We have these popular tourist attractions right in the middle of all this mess, but still nobody seems to see.

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Whose reality is it?

The other week I blogged about attending a Roosevelt School District Board Meeting.  I mentioned feelings of validation because the board president and district superintendent both sought me out after the meeting adjourned.  I had been so nervous to speak in that forum about the topic I wanted to address:  the growing reports of hiring and firing practices that favor one racial group over others.  This is a topic I feel strongly about, for obvious reasons… but even stronger than my fear of public speaking was my fear about how I would be perceived in addressing what was sure to be an overwhelmingly non-white audience about racial conflict.

I confided in a friend that I once made a very passionate commentary about stereotyping interracial relationships as being between black men seeking white women as status symbols.  I made these comments in a largely black forum where they weren’t well received.  The feedback I got included a response that basically accused me of thinking I was the Great White Hope.  That phrase, like AmeriKKKa and others I’ve heard since, didn’t have a historical or cultural significance to me at the time.

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