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Spread the Word « Standing On The Side Of Love

Currently the Department of Homeland Security can delegate immigration enforcement activities to local law enforcement departments. The department’s own audits have cited many failures with these programs, including the ability to protect from human rights abuses.

The local enforcement of national immigration policies only serves to tear families apart and contribute to racial profiling, vigilantism, and a fear of law enforcement that threatens the safety of all our communities.

I just sent a letter to President Obama urging him to put an end to these programs. Can you join me and send a letter too? Just click on the picture to send your letter:

Thank you.

Spread the Word « Standing On The Side Of Love.


Take the 2009 Anti-Racist Parent Survey at Anti-Racist Parent – for parents committed to raising children with an anti-racist outlook

We want this Web site to be the premier resource online for anti-racist parents. And we need your help. Please take a moment to complete a brief survey that will help us uncover the issues that are of most value to you. We will share highlights of the survey results next month.

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Black Male Faces More Likely to Be Seen As Threatening | Miller-McCune Online Magazine

A research team led by psychologist Jenessa Shapiro of the University of California, Los Angeles conducted a preliminary study and three experiments to determine whether whites are more likely to perceive facial expressions as threatening if the face in question belongs to an African-American male. Their disturbing results are detailed in their paper “Following in the Wake of Anger,” which was published online Tuesday in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

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Reform Madness – White Minority

Thanks Laura! Best quote:

No one GIVES America back… you keep it, until someone takes it from you.


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2 children pulled from Phoenix apartment pool

It’s almost, but not quite, funny to me… this isn’t the first story I’ve seen in the years I’ve lived here where a child was pulled from the water during a pool party where adults were present… and I’ve seen comments where the parents should be charged with neglect, but in this story and just about any other that contains the key word “south Phoenix” the assumption that the adults were all drunk & high is front & center.

A pool party where all the adults are off hiding, smoking the crack pipe, drinkin the gin, totin some powerful golden bud and NOT supervising the rugrats.

FD: 2 children pulled from Phoenix apartment pool | ABC15.com

Whose reality is it?

The other week I blogged about attending a Roosevelt School District Board Meeting.  I mentioned feelings of validation because the board president and district superintendent both sought me out after the meeting adjourned.  I had been so nervous to speak in that forum about the topic I wanted to address:  the growing reports of hiring and firing practices that favor one racial group over others.  This is a topic I feel strongly about, for obvious reasons… but even stronger than my fear of public speaking was my fear about how I would be perceived in addressing what was sure to be an overwhelmingly non-white audience about racial conflict.

I confided in a friend that I once made a very passionate commentary about stereotyping interracial relationships as being between black men seeking white women as status symbols.  I made these comments in a largely black forum where they weren’t well received.  The feedback I got included a response that basically accused me of thinking I was the Great White Hope.  That phrase, like AmeriKKKa and others I’ve heard since, didn’t have a historical or cultural significance to me at the time.

Ironically, “Fight of the Century” occurred on July 4, 1910… 86 years ago today. Continue reading